The average program cost to produce each Kids Against Hunger meal is $0.25.

Each bag of food (390 grams) includes six one-cup servings.

Each 32 lb. box of food holds 36 bags of food. That is the equivalent of 216 meals at a program cost of only $50. Each 40 ft. container load of food includes 285,120 meals or 40 pallets of food at a program cost of approx. $65,000.

Packing to End Hunger Fundraiser

  • Packing to End Hunger
  • RAISING FUNDS for your group
  • 25% profit to your community on all sales
  • Creating a VOLUNTEER Community
  • PACK the food that you sell or KAH will have it packed for your group.
  • DONATING food to local food shelves


If we told you that volunteering two hours of your time to package our meals could result in enough meals to feed a child for a whole year, would you believe it? And that you can have lots of fun while doing it?